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Clear View Solutions is dedicated to improving access to quality health care through enhanced care coordination and analytics.  We work with health plans and providers to form and implement successful, market facing products and services. Our approach is to assemble emerging organizations into purchasing and administrative pools that gain access to best-in-class components.  Program launch and operational improvement is supported through the combined management talents of multiple organizations.


With deep expertise in health care analytics, regulatory compliance and business strategy our team enables health care organizations to better serve their members and patients.  Our clients include:

* Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

* Long term care provider organizations seeking to form
Special Needs Plans

* Medicaid plans

* Health Benefits Exchange plans


Our services include all aspects of plan formation:

  • licensure and applications
  • measuring care management and quality
  • financial reporting and actuarial analytics
  • business strategy
  • vendor services
  • procurement and policy